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Hana Laurie Photography

Areas Covered    Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey, UK
Tel    07920041920

I’m Hana, I’m a photographer and teacher in my work life. I love puns and sushi and gin, and if all three combine it’s a real treat.

I like people, I like people I don’t know even more – I tend to blend in and get chatting to everyone at weddings and events. I find it allows me to get involved while I’m busy snapping away, and I guess if they tell me secrets about you, their friends, then I can use it to make us all laugh. Great photos come out of this stuff. I might end up taking the piss a bit at points, but it’s genuine banter and I’m a pro at taking it back.

I’ve got a dog, Bertie. He’s affectionately named Jim, just like his predecessor Charlie. It’s an in-joke, I’ll explain one day when we meet up…

When I’m photographing, I tend to be pretty up for anything – if a shot requires lying on the floor or climbing 9ft up a tree then I’m all for it. I’mfully insured and I have more clothes at home/in the car… getting the right shots and having a total hoot while I do it is totally important to me. There’s nothing worse than getting home and thinking “but would I have looked excellent in a tree??” – of course I would.

Hana Laurie Photography Hana Laurie Photography Hana Laurie Photography Hana Laurie Photography