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DIY Nails: Glitter Glam

DIY Nails: Glitter Glam

With many of the big nail brands launching nude colours recently, including Revlon having a shade to suit every skin tone! We look at some quirky ways to add something glam to this very pure colour. 

DIY Nails: Glitter GlamDIY Nails: Glitter Glam


I really love this look because it’s quite classic and demure, yet there is an element of sparkle. It’s particularly great if you have a shiny new rock to show off on your ring finger!!

Step One: Start with a base coat and then apply two coats of Models Own ‘Nude Beige’ to all of the nails except the ring finger on each hand.

Stepy Two: Paint the ring finger with a coat of Barry M ‘Foil Effects Gold’. Once that has dried, apply two coats of Barry M ‘Gold Glitter’ on top of the gold. Once dry, finish all the nails off with a topcoat.

Tip: Why not change the glitter colour to match your outfit. 


Love Amy from Bring It On Home 


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