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Supplier Spotlight: Miss B's Bubbles

Supplier Spotlight: Miss B's Bubbles

Tell us about Miss B’s Bubbles: Miss B's Bubbles is owned by Mark and Sarah. 

"Miss B’s Bubbles was born out of a love and enjoyment of Prosecco coupled with Italian elegance. On ones of our Italian adventures we came across the beautiful town of Otranto, a commune in the province of Lecce, where Piaggion vans buzzed around cobbled street with effortless flair going about their work. As the sun set behind the Ionian sea we sipped Prosecce and Miss B’s Bubbles was born."

Some History: Piaggion vans have been used as a light goods vehicle in countries such as Italy and India for many years. Their function was/is to transport materials, product and passengers from A-to-B in an easy and efficient manner.

Supplier Spotlight: Miss B

What does Miss B’s Bubbles offer couples? Miss B’s Bubbles is available to hire for wedding and events. She’s very accommodating and lines to make sure her guests always have a glass in hand at all times. Her services include a variety of ready-made options and she’s also adaptable in her appearance, function and it happy to spend extra time with her guests. There are several options on the website, but feel free to contact us for more infomation or a bespoke quote.

Miss B’s Bubbles will be at The Totally WOW Wedding Fair with Creative Brides on 7th & 8th October 2017. To pre-register visit the Creative Brides Event Website

Miss B's Bubbles Contact Details

Website / Email / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Phone: 01892 321246



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