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Bridal beauty: from hair to makeup

As every bride knows, there is a lot to do before a wedding: catering to order, invites to send, family squabbles to calm down. Not only is wedding planning time consuming, it’s pretty stressful too. That’s why it’s important not to forget one of the most important parts – your own beauty regime!

A bit of pre-wedding pampering should relax you enough to truly enjoy your big day and it’ll also make sure you look a million dollars. Who doesn’t want that for the most important day of their life? To help you focus on your pre-wedding beauty plans here’s our go-to guide on everything from choosing the right beautician to trying out simple styles, like a fishtail plait, in order to choose the perfect look.

Bridal beauty: from hair to makeupBridal beauty: from hair to makeupBridal beauty: from hair to makeup

1. A few months before the wedding

This is the time to start looking around for experts. Having great hair and makeup on your big day is no accident; it’s about putting that responsibility in the hands of someone you know will do it well. The best thing to do is lots of research and some sourcing of recommendations from friends. There’s nothing better than having seen someone’s work at a previous wedding and knowing they can do a good job.

Book in trial sessions with your hair stylist and makeup artist and use the opportunity to ask them any questions you have like which products best suit your hair and skin type, so you can prep them the right way prior to the wedding. Remember to also do your own research by looking at bridal beauty looks online and trying out a few styles at home, like a simple fishtail plait or a classic low bun, so that you have already a few hairstyles in mind before the trial session with your stylist.

2. A few weeks before the wedding

Make sure you have the right equipment that both you and the professional will require when sorting your hair and makeup on the day. Depending on the look you’re going for this could include beauty brushes, hair straighteners, moisturisers, eye-lash curlers, hair accessories, etc. Make a list and tick each item off as you get it. The last thing you want is to be getting ready and discover a vital tool is missing from your beauty arsenal.

3. A few days before the wedding

This is the time to start doing proper beauty prep. You can apply fake tan a few days before and get your manicure done (as long as you’re careful to avoid chipping!). Get your eyebrows threaded and hair waxed at this point too to avoid unnecessary redness on the big day. Plus, this would also be the right time to visit your dentist for a full teeth cleaning and whitening.

4. Wedding day!

It’s the big day – hooray! Now is the time to pass responsibility for your hair and makeup to a professional. Just help them out on the day by showing up with the best skin and hair they could ask for. Avoid a deep conditioning treatment the day before the wedding and don’t forget to wash and blow-dry your hair that morning, as dirty hair is harder to style. Also, get your face fresh and clean when you wake up, so the makeup artist has clear skin to work with. Then sit back, relax and enjoy being pampered!

These are our top beauty tips for your big day. Have this timeline in mind when preparing your wedding and, whatever you do, make sure you enjoy being the centre of attention.

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