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Latest Trend: Pajaki

These wonderful "paper chandeliers", called "Pajaki", are one of the brightest gems in Polish folk art. Originating in the rural Lowicz region in the eighteenth century, the chandeliers or mobiles were traditionally made by women during winter months when outdoor work was suspended. Literally translated as ‘spiders of straw,’ the ornate hanging decorations were crafted from humble and easily accessible materials including paper, feathers, yarn, scraps of ribbon and string and brightened Polish homes during long, cold winters. A favourite decoration for Christmas, Easter, christenings and of course weddings, we suggest keeping yours up all year long… 

Latest Trend: PajakiLatest Trend: PajakiLatest Trend: Pajaki


The ones featured are from Raj Tent Club and start from £75.00. We've pinned some ideas on how you can use these at your wedding over on Pinterest.

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